The interest of fruits in our diet

"For your health, do not eat or too fat or too salty or too sweet". This implies that our diet directly affects our health capital. But then, where to find food able to respect this golden rule nutritionists? Fruit is a track not to be overlooked. Explanations.


Fruit, an inexhaustible source of nutrients

Fruits are low in fat and salt. And they are usually more or less sweet, they are not as starchy as heat. Therefore, fruits are neither too fat nor too sweet, not too salty. And sugar (fructose) has a low glycemic index through the fiber in the fruit.

They are also rich in essential elements for the proper functioning of our body. This includes vitamins, minerals and fiber. Is not naturally produced by the body, these nutrients fortunately found in sufficient quantities in fruits and vegetables.

To address the deficiencies of vitamins A, it is recommended that you use the most colorful fruits. Peaches, apricots, blueberries ... are all tracks should not be overlooked. By consuming nuts like pistachios, cashews or hazelnuts, your organization may receive a sufficient dose of vitamin E and magnesium. Other significant trace elements such as calcium, iron, potassium or copper are also present in many fruits. The famous antioxidant vitamin C is also sufficient in lemon, grapefruit, orange and other citrus fruits. Fruits are also important sources of calorie-free fiber, essential to keep such an excellent weight form.

Other vital elements are found in fruit. Among the must goji berries contain many.


Goji berries, fruit star

Nicknamed the "longevity fruit" goji berry is one of the super fruits highly appreciated by nutritionists. Nevertheless, the success of these small slightly sweet red berries is not new either. And because the goji berry has been known for decades in the traditional Taoist medicine.

Remarkable natural wonder, this bay is dried often a significant source of nutrients. This is particularly the case of vitamins (E and B and others), proteins, trace elements (zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium) besides the essential amino acids. Low in water, they are in favor of better weight management while offering the body's tone and daily dose of vitality.

However, the greatest benefit of goji berries is its high antioxidant content, related to the significant presence of vitamin C. Indispensable in the premature aging of cells, antioxidants fight against free radicals and cellular stress. Perfectly nourished by the presence of many nutrients, the body is preserved from cell oxidation to an eternally young body, almost !

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