is a list of all the benefits that can bring Goji (source: Goji Fruit miracle Himalayan Vivian Alba):

- Acne: Goji allows alkalizing your body, it thus improves the health of your skin, it will be smoother and buttons will be fewer

- Rosacea: Acne often appears in middle age, Goji is excellent because it is rich in antioxidants. In addition, many essential fatty acids act on hormonal balance. (2-3 servings)

- Allergy: Goji is known as an effective therapy in Asia for centuries. It stabilizes the abnormal reaction of the immune system.

- Anemia: hemoglobin should rise by taking Goji

- Anti-inflammatory drugs (for arthritis, bursitis, urethritis, ...) contains wolfberry powerful antiinflammatory perfectly natural

- Anti-oxidant: the Goji berry has a higher vitamin E antioxidant power! Flavonoids protect red blood cells from free radical damage

- Anti-Aging: Goji is an extraordinary antioxidant and healing food. It protects our DNA and promotes cell growth. It's not for nothing that the Goji is known as to be the fruit of longevity. Its unique polysaccharides fight against aging. Finally, flavonoids protect its collagen fibers, which maintain skin elasticity.

- Cancer: In addition to its many antioxidants, it is one of the few plants in the world containing germanium, an anti-cancer metalloid. Goji polysaccharides enhance the production of Interleukin-2, a stimulant eprotéine anti-tumor responses.

- Deficiencies: Goji contains many essential nutrients for good health: amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, ... what prevent most deficiencies

- Hair: involved in healthy hair and scalp

- Cholesterol: flavonoids promote the efficient functioning of the arteries. Goji detoxifies the body. Goji increases levels of a blood enzyme that prevents the formation of lipid peroxides.

- Healing: essential fatty acids in Goji promote skin regeneration

- Circulation: Goji promotes good blood circulation

- Cirrhosis: complex sugars and its potent antioxidants are beneficial in the treatment of cirrhosis

- Heart: Goji contains a single substance, the cyperone, excellent for the heart and blood pressure. It maintains the strength and integrity of coronary arteries.

- Concentration: Asia, Goji is the quintessential brain tonic with essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6)

- Constipation: Goji berries are an excellent source of natural fiber. In addition, Goji will promote the proper functioning of muscles responsible bowel movement

- Teeth: Goji facilitates the secretion of growth hormone which integrates the calcium in the bones and teeth.

- Depression: Goji berry called happiness would be great to fight against depression.

- Diabetes: wolfberry contains polysaccharides that regulate the level of sugar in the blood

- Digestion (stomach pain, bloating, heartburn, flatulence, diarrhea, bad breath ...): Goji helps digestion, take one serving 15 minutes before a meal.

- Acid-base balance: Goji alkaline our body to reduce the cumulative acidity of our body very harmful to our health

- Fatigue: Goji regulates blood sugar levels and adrenal function, your sleep will improve, different nutrients will boost you Consume Goji to refuel energy and fight fatigue!

- Liver: wolfberry contains betaine protects hepatic cells against excess fat

- Pregnancy: all moms should eat Goji. The nutrient rich Goji will allow a growing baby in the best kind. Mom kept all his energy and morale for a pregnancy occurring perfectly.

- Hypertension: the cyperone Goji helps prevent high blood pressure

- Impotence take Goji could make all the difference in your sexual activity. Taking Goji increases levels of androgens in the blood, you and rediscover a former vigor. An old Chinese proverb puts also cautioned men traveling without their wives: "one who travels 1000km from home should not eat Goji! "

- Incontinence: you will urinate less frequently consuming Goji especially at night to avoid being awakened

- Infertility: Goji polysaccharides protect the cells of the testes. The wolfberries increases the quantity and quality of sperm.

- Insomnia: Goji improves the length and quality of sleep

- Menopause: Goji balances hormones, endocrine.

- Menstruation: Goji balance the hormonal system and its nutrients will help you to fight against fatigue

- Osteoporosis: Goji facilitates the secretion of growth hormone which integrates the calcium in the bones.

- Skin: Goji polysaccharides helps repair skin cells. It promotes cellular rejuvenation, Goji thus helps to reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance of the skin. This is why women Himalayan keeps a beautiful firm and supple skin so long despite extreme conditions.

- Plan: Goji is an indispensable ally. Powerful antioxidant it alters the metabolism and food cravings. It acts favorably against several parasites that cause many cravings for sugar and gluten. Furthermore, according to research, Goji polysaccharides are able to directly reduce weight by improving the conversion of food into energy rather than fat. By regulating mood it limits cravings. Finally, fill your caused by diet deficiencies.

- Resistance to disease: Goji causes increased SOD enzyme that helps fight disease

- Sinusitis: Goji is a natural anti-inflammatory

- Sports: Goji increases the activity of the growth hormone that is used for maintenance and repair of the body, including the rebuilding of muscle tissue. Goji gives more energy, more strength, better endurance and better recovery.

- Stress: wolfberry adaptogen type fight against nervousness, anxiety and anguish.

- Immune system through its polysaccharides, Goji boosts our immune system by enhancing the antibody response

- Eyes: Goji has two carotenoids known for the health of our eyes, zeaxanthin and lutein. They are safe and antioxidants of macular degeneration and cataract.


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