Goji Marketing

This fruit is marketed all over the world, Asia, Europe, America and knows a great success. This fruit is mostly consumed for its therapeutic properties assumed. As for export, it is often exported as juice, pasteurized or simply the dried state. Sometimes they are juice cocktails that are offered for sale completed mostly with other fruit juices, such as orange, lemon or grapes ... Moreover, the solid version is also available on found in the wafers, but also in powder or dehydrated fruits.

It will not be surprising to find as commercially dried goji berries in specialized stores in plants, organic and exotic fruits. This fruit is also a wine you can use vinegar or liquor, this wine will be available in the "gouqi wine". Known for its therapeutic virtues marketing goji multiplies and becomes a coveted product by both women and men and that all slices combined ages.

For the regular consumer wolfberry is consumed on a daily basis to improve his condition, it is not necessarily someone who has health problems but simply a person who wishes to maintain a balance or form or protect themselves diseases that can occur throughout life.

If the marketing of this fruit has proven positive effects for consumers, do not abuse it, in fact this fruit is a powerful antioxidant and blooming everywhere in supermarkets, specialty stores as well as pharmacies. Taking goji has a powerful effect to balance nutrient intake. Side effects can sometimes be felt as the urge to urinate frequently or a weary state.


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