Growing areas of goji

Wolfberry can be grown in France, by the way many fans are going to learn about its culture. Indeed for growing goji must be in the temperate zone, although it is true that we found mostly in the northwest of China, goji can now be grown anywhere provided that make hot enough.

champ gojiThese small, very sweet red and orange berries are known mainly in the Chinese territory. But we must recognize today very satisfied regular consumers of Goji provided on their body results are increasingly interested in growing in their garden.

Exposure to sunlight is absolutely essential, the amount of water also plays a very important role and what makes the difference is mainly the temperature difference between day and night. The sweet taste of goji will depend on three conditions. Goji leaves may be used by the consumer to make a tea especially a tonic. Finally, if you do not have the time to do your own growing goji, when you buy, look at the source, Asia is the largest exporter of this miraculous fruit, you should know that it is in the region Ningxia, at 2000m, the best conditions for growing goji are met. Indeed there is a steady sunshine and the area around the Yellow River are rich in minerals, which give it that unique taste and incomparable quality with other cultures. Good to know, goji is becoming commonplace and trivialize even more in the coming months, its success is undeniable, so it will be special attention to the origin of this fruit. Other cultures may just as well come from countries other than China, like Japan or other countries near and have a lower quality.


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