Goji Berry: Etymology and culture methods

The Goji berry has a special place in the lives of many Chinese and they apply carefully about its culture. But where does the name really this plant with many virtues ?

chercheurIt is Bradley Dobos, an American ethnobotanist who coined the term "goji" to name this miraculous berry. This fan of Tibetan medicine, to avoid the confusion created by the many names that Tibetans have given the bay, decided to set up a single name: Goji. This name was quick to spread thanks notably to the pharmacy and the clinic he started in Seattle, USA. Goji term has subsequently been adopted in many countries with major producers from Ningxia who have decided to distribute the bay in the world.

Since the Goji berry is in great demand in many countries, it has become a financial windfall. Customers then become more and more demanding, because they spend a fortune to get it. Producers are thus obliged to respect a certain caliber in order to sell the majority of their windows. The cultivation method becomes very strict especially as competitors are numerous.

It takes four years before the Goji berry is ripe. Track each culture step is then meticulously to preserve the quality of the product. Like the vine, Lycium barbarum calls guardians. In order to qualify for a better quality of production, it is imperative to carve. This plant and the gel does not mix. However, in sunny regions, production is promising. The plant produces the famous Goji berries withstand temperatures exceeding 23 ° C. However, culture is not recommended in very high altitude.

If the Lycium barbarum is operated primarily for its berries with many virtues, one can also make tea with leaves. These are known to overflow a significant amount of Vitamin B12 and tea was prepared with exquisite taste.

The sale of Goji berries continues to this day to be very profitable provided that the product is of excellent quality. Berries from Ningxia province, however, remain the best as the inhabitants of this town give paramount importance to the cultivation of Lycium barbarum.


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