The incredible story of Professor Li Chung Yun and Goji Berry

Many legends revolve around the Goji berry but that related to Professor Li Chung Yun is one of the most exciting. According to many sources, the famous character was able to live very long with this bay.

For the Chinese, the Goji berry is not an ordinary bay. They believe that this fruit has the power to extend the life of the man or woman who consumes regularly. This conclusion from many observations made especially in the province of Ningxia, where this miraculous berry is the most cultivated. According to the inhabitants of this region, there are many who have exceeded 100 years in the locality through the consumption of Goji berry. Some claim to be witnesses of some persons having lived to 200 years before dying (careful not verified scientifically). These stories were not published due to lack of hard evidence. The Chinese, however, continue to believe in miracles of this bay.

legende gojiProfessor Li Chung Yun is one of the reasons why the Chinese still continue to believe that the Goji berry has the power to lengthen the life of the person who consumes regularly. The incredible story of this illustrious teacher can be verified from its archives. It is said that this character has managed to live for about 256 years and to preserve the appearance of a person in their sixties (with all his teeth and natural hair color). Even more impressive: Li Chung Yun has lived longer than his 23 women.

Professor Li Chung Yun has a passion for the wild herbalism. He devoted much of his life to further study in this field. Subsequently, he chose to share the knowledge gained through numerous conferences. During these conferences, he communicated to each audience the means to increase life expectancy and have an iron constitution. He did not fail to point out that since the age of 50 years, the Goji is part of his daily diet. To argue his point, he does not hesitate to tell a few stories of his life including the one where he met an old man who eats every day of the Goji berry and is worn like a child.


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