The Ningxia: the birthplace of Goji

The province of Ningxia acquired its title of "Goji Earth" is for the simple reason that the best Goji berries are produced in that locality.

ningxiaThe peculiarity of its lands created the most favorable conditions for growing this plant. Many legends are born in Ningxia and to sit the miraculous virtues of this plant.
In this province, a legend of the origin of the Goji berry is told from generation to generation. According to this legend, a wind from Siberia won a huge amount of yellow dust that covers the land in Ningxia, transforming the properties of the soil, there are several thousand years ago. This is the golden land was born the Goji, a bay with incomparable power.

For over 2000 years, the people of Ningxia plucked Goji berries to exploit them in natural medicine. Subsequently, farmers in the region have decided to engage in the cultivation of the plant that gives these miraculous berries instead of picking only those fruits that grow in the wild. Indeed, realizing all the benefits of the plant, they were keen to cultivate and to benefit future generations.

Goji quality: a scientific explanation

To support the legends associated with the exceptional quality of Goji berries from Ningxia, scientists were keen to provide explanations. According to these scientists, the Himalayan water, alkaline soil and sunny climate in the province form the conditions for the cultivation of Lycium Barbarum.


The cultivation of Goji: delicate and very important

Number of fruits have virtues, but the Goji berry is among the most exploited for all the benefits that result. The people of Ningxia are well understood and have been involved in the cultivation of Lycium Barbarum.


Mass production of wolfberries in NingXia

Convinced of the exceptional quality of Goji berries produced in Ningxia, local officials have sensitized the population about the importance of increasing the volume of production. Their aim is to benefit people around the world from the benefits of Goji berries from this province that are deemed to be the best in the world.

In Ningxia, the Goji culture spans about 6,000 hectares. This culture requires a labor-intensive since each mature berry must be picked by hand. Subsequently, experienced farmers in the province conduct a meticulous selection of nearly 5,000 bays to achieve a kilo of dried fruits, ready to be exported. Today, a large number of poor farmers of Ningxia see their living conditions improve through cultivation Goji.

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