Goji is a dry fruit yummy. You can eat it as is as an appetizer or when cravings. He reveals all his mixed dairy flavor: yogurt, milk at breakfast. ... There are many ways to eat Goji, you find one that you like the most!

You can also soak the Goji in hot water or hot liquid you enjoy (eg tea) before consumption. Goji is softer.

Maintenance or prevention, it is recommended to consume 20 grams of Goji daily, which corresponds to a tablespoon busy or a small handful in the palm of your hand, but you can eat well beyond. Some can not live without it and consume throughout the day!

In case of health problem, it is advisable to consume more than a quarter cup to a half cup per day and beyond if necessary, of course, always with the approval of your doctor!



Goji is completely safe.

It is a perfectly natural product and there is no limit to its consumption! It is advisable to practice cures at least three months, but you can use throughout the year for its many benefits if necessary.

Remember, however, that a recent study showed that the Goji increased the effect of chemical anticoagulants. Also, anyone with anticoagulants should seek advice from their physician before entering the spa Goji.

Also note that the Goji is also excellent for our pets, they will thank you for their strength and love.


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