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nepal gojiGoji is a fruit grown for millennia for its great food wealth. It is native to the Himalayas.

This superfruit is one of the most naturally nutritious food.

The Chinese are interested in seeing that the Himalayan lived to 100 years old and in excellent health.

It was then that the pervasive culture of Goji begins several centuries BCE. He first conquered the Himalayan plateau and Ningxia before acquiring acclaim in Chinese medicine.

It is traditionally grown in hostile climates, altitudes and has exceptional revitalizing properties.

Goji in Chinese medicine

By its richness in nutrients, goji berry can :

square gojireduce fatigue due to its high vitamin C (28mg per 100g).
square gojicontribute to the normal functioning of the immune system
square gojicontribute to cognitive function and a normal by its richness in iron metabolism energy 8m/100g

And many other benefits!

Recent research shows that this berry is one of the most powerful foods in the world. Indeed, what characterizes this super fruit, it is in particular polysaccharides, the active ingredient in Goji considered a "Master Molecule" that can not be found in any other plant on the planet and which in particular to balance the Qi (vital energy in Chinese medicine).

Chinese scientific and technological commission government has done many studies about it especially in the 80s, justifying its historical use.

The Goji berry has been recognized as a "national treasure" by China.

Since then, it has become the secret weapon of the Chinese swimmers at the Olympics !



square gojiBeware of Goji cheap, they are grown with pesticides in large quantities and undergo irradiating treatments (chemical treatment to promote conservation).

square gojiLook good if they are Goji Berries 100% pure, natural and whole.

square gojiThey should be grown in Ningxia.

square gojiPrefer dried Goji berries (Lycium barbarum) and avoid mixed, tablet or goji juice.

square gojiThis superfruit is a very effective but it is not the remedy against all evil as some claim fraudulent websites !

Beware of sites that tell you that the Goji heals everything !


OUR SELECTION: ROYAL premium quality goji

100% pure and natural premium quality upper bays.
Goji Berries from Ningxia, a region most suitable for cultivation due to its semi-desert climate and favorable thanks to its alkaline soil. Several recent studies have demonstrated that it is the berries that grow in the region of Ningxia in China that are effective.
Dried Goji Berries species Lycium barbarum, the only species subject of numerous scientific investigations that tend to prove its effectiveness on welfare.
Berries whole wolfberries and large pulp containing more wherein polysaccharides are precious.
Guarantees below the maximum residue limits (MRLs) of pesticides permitted in France, berries we offer undergo no radiating treatment.

Excellent value for money and a cure for your needs report.
Given its quality, just consume 10 to 20 grams per day (the equivalent of a firm handshake or a cup of coffee) for 2 to 3 months, repeat 2-3 times in the ROYAL premium quality goji year.


DISCOVERY OFFER: Satisfied or refunded 30 J


satisfait rembourse gojiAs part of our Special Introductory Offer, you will have a full month to see for yourself the quality of our authentic Goji Premium.

If an exception you were not totally satisfied, you have within this Special Introductory Offer for a total of 30 days warranty REFUND OF YOUR ORDER.

Even your first months of treatment completely consumed, you will promptly refund your order.

If we can give you the benefit of such an offer without any risk to discover the benefits of our authentic Ningxia Goji is that we are absolutely confident in the effectiveness of our selection.


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